School in Agra

Agra is home to the Taj Mahal and to our first school. It was established in 2013 and offers free education to the slum children.

We started the school with 2 teachers and 2 support staff. However, we are currently working with only one teach and one support personnel. Our goal is to increase our staff and add a pastor to the school, in order to serve more children.

School in Karnataka

Our school in Karnataka has been open since January 2017. Currently, it is providing free education to 30-50 children from the Beggar Colony. There are over 200 families in the Beggar Colony and they each have about 3-5 children. It is running with 1 teacher, but it is our goal to increase the staff to 2-3 more teachers, 2-3 support staff, and 1 pastor. We also try to supply the students with basic needs such as clothing and food.

New Life Project

The New Life Project is our school in New Dehli. It just opened in February 2017. It is currently only half of the day for a few hours, because of lack of full time teachers. There, we provide the slum children with free education. We are praying and working toward expanding this school, as well. 


Evangelizing Asia for Christ is an organization founded by M.E. Daniel, which is dedicated to spreading the gospel across Asia. EAFC has dedicated its ministry to orphans, widows, and church planting throughout India. 




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