Evangelizing Asia for Christ currently sponsors about 40 widows. Our main goal is to provide them with monthly financial support and to share with them, the love of Christ. 


Many women have been left with no financial means to sustain themselves, after the passing of their husbands. Some of the widows we sponsor are homeless, with no place to turn. These widows live in a jungle region, which poses the threat of wildlife, such as tigers and elephants. The government is very corrupt and only offers to help them in exchange for bribes. 

It is our mission to provide them with money each month, to help their financial needs. EAFC also buys goats, chickens, sheep, cows, and water buffalo, as a means to help them be more self sufficient. We plant mango trees and coconut trees, which the widows can take from freely.

It is also our vision to build a home for the widows, to provide a safe shelter for them.

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